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The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) was incorporated on the 22nd april,1966 at Calcutta to foster the development of welding science, technology and engineering in India and since then has been serving the cause of the welding industry through its 13 branches throughout India. The institute is a non-profit making organization registered under section 25 of the company's act 1956 and is also registered under section 12 A of the Income tax act 1961 as an institution for charitable purpose.

Cochin Branch was establishing in the year 1979 and activities spread all over the state of Kerala.

In line with its theme "WELDING FOR NATIONAL BUILDING" the Indian Institute of Welding is proud in established an IIW-India foundation for furthering the cause of Welding Technology. The IIW-India foundation believes with the rapid changes happening in welding technology,there is a dire need for carrying out research in welding technology which will help India to move to become knowledge based country. The foundation is an independent body so far its financial aspects are concerned. This is an inter-disciplinary body and funded by industry,academics and government agencies which in the long run benefit the industry. The foundation facilitates research,training, and education in welding and allied subjects. Each year the foundation provides scholarship to deserving students to enable them to present technical papers in international seminars/ conferences abroad. This will help in creating careers that can sustain and grow with the industry. The foundation wishes to develop resources,facility and infrastructure for the progress, usage and development of welding technology in India"

  • Assist human resorces development in welding in India.
  • Technology diffusion to industry and the individual.
  • Foster R & D in welding.
  • Promote health & safety in welding.
  • To promote education, training & qualification in welding in India in line with international standards which would be globally recognized and accepted.
  • Establish standards of quality for the Indian fabrication industry.

Latest News

IIW announces competition for young engineers first time in the country.

Partners for the competition are…

IIW announces competition for young engineers first time in the country.

Partners for the competition are…

Election 2015

During AGM conducted on 29th May 2015 the following office bearers were elected 1. Mr. Jose P Philip as Chairman 2. Mr. P. J. Varghese as Hon. Secretary 3. Mr. A. Prasad Kumar as Vice Chairman 4. Mr. P. Govindankutty as Vice Chairman 5. Mr. K. Pradeep as Treasurer, 6. Mr. Antree K.A. as Jt. Secretary

Technical Talk IIW Cochin on Innovation in Welding Power Source - 16th June 2015

IIW cochin Branch is conducting an Technical Talk on Innovations in Welding Power Source which shall be delivered by Dr A.Raja , Former Additional General Manager (Welding Research Institute ) B.H.E.L Trichy.

68th IIW - Annual Assembly to be held in Helsinki , Finland

National Welding Seminar , NWS - 2015

To be held on 9 to 11 December 2015 , at CIDCO Conference and Exhibition Centre , Vashi , Navi Mumbai

WeldIndia 2015 Exhibition

To be held on 10 -12 December 2015 , at CIDCO Conference and Exhibition Centre , Vashi , Navi Mumbai.

National Welding Seminar – 2016

To be held on 15 – 17 December 2016 , at Science City Auditorium , Kolkota.

WeldIndia Exhibition 2016

To be held on 15 – 17 December 2016 , at Milan Mela ,opp. Sceience City Auditorium , Kolkatta

IIW – International Congress – IC – 2017

To be held on 7 to 9 December 2017 , Chennai Trade Centre , Chennai.

After two decades Cochin branch is proud to announce hosting of national welding meet at Cochin

30th September 2015


Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-Cochin) is a professional body devoted to the cause of promotion and advancement of welding science and technology in India


To be the Premier Professional Institute in India for the Advancement of Welding Science&Technology and related activities.


The Indian Institute of Welding is in the forefront in bridging this Human Resource demand & supply gap through its National and International Education, Training, Qualification and Certification initiative.


On becoming a member of IIW Cochin, one joins the fraternity of welding professionals in India both at the national and International levels